About Me
I'm originally an east-coast American who's been living in Z├╝rich, Switzerland since January, 2013, with my husband (who moved to Switzerland with his family when he was 14 from Lima, Peru - we're a multi-continent couple). You can read about the story of how we met here (and a little bit here).

I grew up in rural West Virginia in a time before cell phones (actually they still don't exist much in the area I was raised) and high-speed internet. I moved to western Massachusetts for college, then on to Boston for a job and eventually graduate school. I spent six and a half years earning my Ph.D. in biomedical sciences from Harvard. During this time, I met and fell in love with a man halfway around the world - a Peruvian with Spanish citizenship and Swiss residency.
One of our first dates. Don't be fooled by his innocent expression.
Five weeks after defending my Ph.D., I picked up my life and moved to Zurich, where I live with the Peruvian who is now my husband (known as "B" in these pages). Unemployed and without a plan for the first time in my life, I embarked on a new adventure, taking the time to regroup and find my way around a new area of the world.

About this blog

Most people think of cheese or chocolate when they think of Switzerland, but the food item I was most excited about when moving here was the delicious, flavorful macaron. At the time I had no idea that there are, in fact, multiple kinds of macarons (French, Swiss, and Italian - and I've heard rumors another variation in Korea/Japan) - I was just excited to be in a place where I could pick one up on pretty much any street corner.

One of each, please.

Although my original goal was to have a baked goods take on Switzerland, this blog has instead become largely about my personal experience here in Zurich. I came here without any semblance of a plan and only three German expressions in my pocket (one of which, Guten Tag, I quickly realized isn't even used here). I try to share both the highs and lows (and keep a strong sense of humor about both), as well as any travels that I finally get around to. Please join me as I cook, garden, craft, and attempt to communicate in this country with four official languages, where the trains are always on time and everything is closed on Sundays.

I always love hearing from people, whether friends, family, or strangers. Feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email if you have any questions about Zurich or Switzerland in general, and I'll do my best to answer.